Please get in touch

If you have any questions about the chocolate, the wrappers or you need some guidance with an order please contact me.

I offer two sizes of chocolate bar – a mini 10g bar and a standard 40g bar, in silver or gold foil. The mini 10g bars also come in boxes of 40. I do not charge any origination fees for your wrapper design. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for all orders.

  • the 10g bar ranges from 65p to 75p per bar – minimum order 40 bars – plus delivery
  • the 40g bar ranges from £1.30 to £1.45 per bar – minimum order 20 bars – plus delivery
  • the 10g bar boxes range from £28.95 to £29.95 per box – minimum order 1 box – plus delivery


Call: 01483 208585