Valentine's Day chocolate bars

Valentine’s Day, it has to be chocolate

Valentine’s Day, it has to be chocolate! Let this year’s Valentine’s gift be original & heart-felt. With a box of 40 personalised mini chocolate bars you cannot go wrong, delicious creamy milk chocolate, mmmm ♥♥♥! Each chocolate wrapper can be personalised just as you wish – perhaps with your loved-one’s name on the front of the wrapper & a special message from you on the back. This could be an ‘I love you’ message or a precious memory of something you have done together, or maybe something that you want to say but never get around to saying it.

A personalised gift on Valentine’s Day will tick the box if you want to be romantic & thoughtful. This box of chocolate bars is a perfect gift for the girls, but even more perfect for the guys if you are empty of ideas. And so easy to pop in the post if you won’t be with your loved one this year or you want your gift to be anonymous – just leave it all to me!

And just in case you are interested in the sciency bit about whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac – scientists ascribe the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, if any, to two chemicals it contains. One, tryptophan, is a building block of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. The other, phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamine, is released in the brain when people fall in love. So, there you have it – time to get shopping!

Valentine's chocolate wrappers


Choose the wrapper & the text for your bars & place your order hereGet 20% off if you order your box of 40 chocolate bars in gold foil by Friday 5th February, enter code VALDAY at the checkout. Price £24 per box plus £3.50 UK delivery per box, saving £6. This offer is for gold foil only.



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Valentine’s Day, it has to be chocolate ♥♥♥

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Support MacMillan by selling chocolate bars

Support MacMillan by selling chocolate bars

MacMillan’s Coffee Morning is a great excuse to get your friends together for coffee and cake, and raise money for a good cause. It’s not just cake though, you can support Macmillan by selling chocolate bars too!

It’s All About The Wrapper are again proud to be associated with this wonderful charity that helps to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone – from the moment they’re diagnosed, through treatment and beyond. They are also an incredible support for those left behind.

I have produced MacMillan branded chocolate bars for some of my customers who have been generous enough to host a coffee morning. My customer then sells these delicious bars for a higher amount to raise money. I also provide some free bars too.

As well as the MacMillan branding on the front of the chocolate bar you can include text on the back of the wrapper with your own specific message. It might be a heartfelt message about the charity & the inspiring work that they do, or perhaps a very personal message about someone that you love who is currently waiting for treatment, under-going treatment or is on the long road to recovery. Or it might be a thank you to MacMillan for the support they have given you after losing your loved one. I have been through this horrendous ordeal with my father 15 years ago, so I know how much Macmillan will help those in need.

Support MacMillan by selling chocolate bars

If you would like to do this for next year’s Coffee Morning please sign up to the mailing list so we can keep in touch. One idea is to include a golden ticket in one of your chocolate bars giving your friends the chance to win a prize – this might encourage even more support & more pennies in the charity pot!

Donate to MacMillan today!


40th birthday party with 1920s theme

Personalised chocolate place settings

You can’t beat a well-dressed table! Whatever your celebration you will want your party table to look fabulous & eye-catching to impress both guests and family alike. A stylish table doesn’t have to expensive, you just need to plan ahead and choose your accessories carefully. One idea is to have personalised chocolate place settings – I can design the chocolate wrapper to match your theme. They will add the perfect finishing touch to your table and everyone will know where they are sitting!

Whether your theme is modern or retro, sometimes the simplest ideas for table settings are the best. Keeping tabletop decor clear and simple can help create a stunning look.

In the image to the left classic white plates are perfectly chic and have been complemented by the flickering lights from these white opaque candle holders. Metallic foil decorations were scattered across the tablecloth to liven up the crisp white tablecloth. My customer chose chocolate bars with a 1920s postcard wrapper to match their 1920s theme with the silhouette of a flapper on the back of the wrapper.


They used the chocolate bars as their name cards with a personal message from the birthday chap on the back of each one.


This celebration was a 40th birthday party, but the bars are perfect for weddings, anniversaries and corporate dinners too. You can send us your own image or logo and I will design the wrapper for you.


If you like the idea of having personalised chocolate bars as your place settings please get in touch to discuss your wrapper design. The only other thing I need is your guest list, all very simple.