Put your company logo on a chocolate wrapper

Bespoke Wrapper

Put your company logo on a chocolate wrapper. It’s a fabulous way of impressing your customers, clients, suppliers and all your business contacts. Above all, branded chocolate bars are an impactful company gift. Give the bar(s) as a single gift or together with a few other branded gifts or delicious treats.

This is an ideal way to re-engage with your customers during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Remind them that you are still in business, ready to help them when they need you. Create an autumn or winter marketing campaign. If you are sending a marketing flier in the post include a corporate chocolate bar with it.

This is what the franchisees are doing at Get Ahead VA. Each franchisee has ordered a box of 40 branded bars, customised with their own contact details. They are sending the bars to prospective clients in the post, with their newly created marketing fliers. Importantly, it’s a fabulous way to be remembered!

For instance, lots of my customers who send product by courier or post pop a branded bar in the package with their product every time. It’s an unexpected surprise for their customer, and is often the trigger for the customer ordering again or telling their friends about the company. It keeps the company in the customer’s mind!

What to have on your chocolate wrapper

Corporate chocolate bars can have your company logo on the front of the wrapper and text on the back of wrapper. Most importantly, you can choose a number of things to have on the back of the wrapper:

  • website address
  • phone number
  • social media handle and related social media icons
  • a call to action
  • your marketing strapline

When I design your wrapper I will match the colour of the text to one of the colours in your logo, and use a specific font if you wish. Place your bespoke order here.

Christmas chocolates

I am currently working with Clare at Willow Bough Tea Rooms, based at Merton Abbey Mills in SW London. Companies ordering her amazingly delicious Christmas food baskets can choose to have a branded company chocolate bar as one of the many goodies in the beautiful basket. The chocolate bar will be the only company branded item in the basket and will give the opportunity to include a message to each recipient, on the back of the wrapper. Place your order today! Get in touch with Willow Bough via their website or via Twitter so Clare can add a branded chocolate bar to your basket below!

Add a branded chocolate bar in with other delicious treats in your Christmas baskets
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