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To order your chocolate bars select either ‘Pre-designed wrappers’ to choose a wrapper from the existing range or select ‘Bespoke wrappers’ to provide me with the details for your bespoke design.

There are two sizes of chocolate bar – a mini 10g bar and a standard 40g bar – in silver or gold foil. The mini 10g bars also come in boxes of 40. You can also choose to have individual names on the wrappers of the 40g bars. The price of your chocolate bars depends on the number of bars ordered plus delivery, I do not charge any origination fees for your wrapper design.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for all orders.

  • the 40g bar ranges from £1.30 to £1.45 per bar, plus 30p per bar for individual names – minimum order 20 bars – plus delivery
  • the 10g bar ranges from 65p to 75p per bar – minimum order 40 bars – plus delivery
  • the 10g bar boxes range from £28.95 to £29.95 per box – minimum order 1 box – plus delivery


pre-designed chocolate bar wrappers

bespoke chocolate bar wrappers