Branded chocolate in our marketing campaign

Branded chocolate bars

I’m Steve Tremblay. I’m a professional chef and I’ve recently collaborated with Vicki at It’s All About the Wrapper to market both my cooking and my new website. Vicki has very kindly let me take over her blog to tell you how we used branded chocolate in our marketing campaign at Christmas!

Tremblay’s launched its new website at the beginning of December, bringing fine dining, corporate hospitality, community meals and more to South East England, London and the home counties. To get our name out there, we decided to run an Instagram campaign to raise awareness of who we are and what we offer. We came up with the idea of an advent calendar giveaway. Every day, we invited people to follow our social media accounts and tag their friends. We then chose a winner at random from among our new followers. As a chef, it made sense to offer foodie prizes, many of which would be cooked by me.  We decided to offer a range of rewards. It made it more exciting for the entrants. It attracted a wider audience and enabled us to deliver the highest quality food every time.

Planning our Christmas marketing campaign

Planning our Christmas marketing campaign, we quickly saw how Vicki and It’s All About the Wrapper could help us use branded chocolate. The big prizes would be private dining experiences, a luxury hamper and a cream tea, but we needed smaller prizes that would keep people’s interest and be easy for us to deliver as well. Above all, the quality had to be consistent. Vicki’s chocolate fitted the bill perfectly, and also provided a delightful way of promoting the Tremblay’s brand.

Branded chocolate in our marketing campaign

In the end, nineteen of our prizes featured chocolates from It’s All About the Wrapper. Some were given away in their own presentation boxes, others made up part of a larger prize.

The wrappers, produced by Vicki, were designed by my friend and graphic designer, Dan James from Elevate. Dan combined the new Tremblay’s logo with a festive border, in the style of the Instagram posts. The branded gift boxes gave the chocolates a touch of class. All the lucky prize winners were delighted, either enjoying a pre-Christmas treat themselves or gifting the chocolates to someone special. 

Now we are in lockdown once more, I haven’t been able to deliver all the prizes I promised. But I will, don’t worry! I still have to create a few private dining experiences. I did, however, manage to deliver cream teas to those who won them. Sourcing and delivering the chocolates has been one of the most straightforward parts of the campaign. We couldn’t have done it without It’s All About the Wrapper.

Collaboration is a great thing!

As a chef, I frequently collaborate with others in the catering and events industry. For example, if I’m cooking food for an important birthday party, I might bring along one of the amazing cocktail mixologists from my network, to help the party go with a swing. The great thing about collaborating with other food and drink experts is that we can all do what we do best. By combining our talents, we make a fantastic impression on the client, creating a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

In short, working with Vicki to deliver our festive promotion is a great example of how Tremblay’s teams up with other branches of the food industry. The advent calendar campaign has been very successful. It has helped us reach out to new customers. Now we’re looking forward to a busy 2021!

To find out more about me, Steve Tremblay, and the culinary experiences I create, please visit my website here:

Marketing chocolate bars
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